Learning How to Learn, Part 1 🎼🎹🎷🎺🎸🎻

There are some fundamental elements that should always be incorporated into your practice. A few are listed below, and some additional elements will follow in a continuation of this series.

  1. Strategy - always practice with specific goals and strategies to achieve your goals. Aimless practice is worse than no practice!

  2. Always - with a metronome! There are a lot of FREE metronome apps. Here are two of them:

  • Computer: metronomeonline.com

  • Smartphone: Tempo – by Frozen Ape

*You could also purchase a metronome or a combo tuner & metronome for about $30 from a local music store.

* Ask your band director or private teacher for help learning how to use the metronome.

REMEMBER: Most people feel like the metronome is messing them up when they first begin working with one. The metronome is not messing you up; it is keeping your tempo honest!

3. Slowly – always practice slower than you think you need to go. The goal is to play everything correctly at the same tempo. Not to play some or most of it correctly at a fast tempo. Willingness to do this separates mediocre musicians from great musicians!!!!!!!!

4. Attention – be sure to play close attention to every detail in the music. If there are words in another language, or words/symbols/abbreviations you don’t understand, look them up and pencil them in your music!

CALL TO ACTION: Which one of these ways do you need to give more attention to in order to make your practicing more productive?

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