Some of My Favorite (Musical & Non-Musical) Resources

Here are 4 of my favorite resources in no particular order:

*Amy Porter - Professor of Flute, University of Michigan

Here are some exercises and advice from her website.

Also check out the interviews and downloads!

*Student Loan Show - financial advice website specifically about managing student loan debt

Or, if you prefer the podcast version for itunes or for android.

*Bulletproof Musician - weekly blog on different topics affecting musicians

Sign up for the weekly newsletter here.

*Radical Personal Finance - practical advice for managing finances

Or, check out the podcast.

CALL TO ACTION: What are a few of your favorite musical and/or non-musical resources? Write down a list or bookmark the webaddresses for the resources. Leave me a comment and let me know some of your favorites!

#finance #musicianship #AmyPorter #financialresources #exercises #advice

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